Technical Backpack Design + Development

Pelican U160 Backpack

In 2011, studioFAR was approached by Pelican to develop their first line of backpacks. After an international search for the right design firm, we were awarded the project after an initial concept round of a hybrid backpack exploration. Thus began a 3 year project to develop the world’s first backpacks seamlessly connected to Pelican’s bomb prof, hardshell cases. The effort resulted in over 11 styles of backpacks kickstarting their Pro Gear product lineup.

Kulkea Heated Boot Bag

Working together since 2013, we’ve helped Kulkea grow from their first product launch the Boot Trekker bag. Now with over 25 styles in various other markets, Kulkea has become a serious contender in the outdoor industry. We look forward to the future and helping them accelerate growth with innovative new products.

AMPL Charging Backpack

In 2015, studioFAR was approached by a team of engineers who previously worked for one of the largest electronic companies in the world. They were determined to create a backpack that could answer the need for power on the go. This amazing opportunity turned into a 18 month project designing the soft goods around the rigorous demands of the electronic components.

Sherman Bike Backpack

The Sherman bike backpack is a one-of-a-kind, utilitarian bike bag. Made to haul anything from a spare set of wheels, to a bike frame, to an artist’s portfolio, and all the spare tools and equipment you need, the Sherman is unique and highly functional.