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Sherman Bike Backpack

The Sherman bike backpack is a one-of-a-kind, utilitarian bike bag. Made to haul anything from a spare set of wheels, to a bike frame, to an artist’s portfolio, and all the spare tools and equipment you need, the Sherman is unique and highly functional.

Client: Chrome Industries
Date: 2009
Services: Backpack Design + Development


Chrome’s Sherman pack is a real tool bag.

Pedaling to a race or event has never been easier with Chrome’s Sherman Pro Race Bag. Its unique tri-fold design gives you all the room to pack your gear, clothes, an extra wheelset, even an extra frame along with you.


Sketch, CAD, refine.

Taking in the brief, we provided Chrome with various options for this utilitarian backpack. The design needed to be flexible but also provide secure tie downs for bike wheels, riding tools, but also various sizes packages.