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Softgoods designer

Industrial Design Services

We provide softgoods design and development services for travel goods, wearables, equipment, and various other products.


Competitive review
Opportunity Analysis
Brand Analysis
Trend forecast
Design Language
Design Strategy


Concept Ideation

Tech Packs
Sample Development
Prototyping services
Fabric and trim selection
Design Refinement


Prototype creation
US and Overseas vendors
Production preparation
Finalizing design


Creating product database
Production Planning

Branding building

Fernando A. Robert | Owner + Design Director

Fernando is an award-winning industrial designer specializing in soft goods design and the founder of studioFAR, a design firm based in San Francisco, CA. A proud graduate from the Savanah College of Art and Design, he has worked independently  since arriving to the Bay Area in 2009.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the creation of backpacks, luggage, wearables and footwear he has worked with various brands and companies of all sizes. Experienced working with overseas and US manufacturers, we provide creative softgoods solutions while shortening development time. We’ll spearhead your project providing appropriate designs and development support on budget and on time.


Many, many thanks to our great clients over the years!!!

“Fernando has worked with Kulkea on the development of several products. He is an exceptional industrial designer. His knowledge of the action sport markets is second to none. His technical skills are well honed from years of experience. His ability to infuse creative designs into the development of marketable products is exemplary. Fernando is a highly valued member of the research and development team at Kulkea.“

“I have worked with Fernando on many projects over the years with nothing but great success. He has a proven track record of designing products that offer functional greatness as well as point of difference in their respective markets. His ability to create custom designs based on brand needs is second to none and his ability to execute and manage the process along the way is exceptional.“

“Any hesitation you may have to hire Fernando as a soft goods designer is herewith removed. I threw every monkey wrench I could find at him and it never slowed him down.

Fernando pioneered with Pelican a patented integration of plastics and fabrics. He sweated every bar stitch, zipper pull and material choice. His rendering skills gave our execs the confidence to green-light the product line, and he nursed the tech packs through our QC and Engineering for process control.

Most importantly Fernando was the voice of the product, working diligently over a year with our foreign vendor to bring a series of 11 innovative backpacks to market.

He also has the patience of a saint, and attention to detail that supports the work.“