Wearable Tech Design

AMPL Charging Backpack

In 2015, studioFAR was approached by a team of engineers who previously worked for one of the largest electronic companies in the world. They were determined to create a backpack that could answer the need for power on the go. This amazing opportunity turned into a 18 month project designing the soft goods around the rigorous demands of the electronic components.

Client: AMPL labs
Date: 2015
Services: Technical Backpack Design + Development


AMPL – The World’s Smartest Backpack

Power and protect your gadgets on-the-go. Control charging from the App without opening a zipper.


We’ve custom designed the backpack.

The team created custom batteries and all of the smart-power electronics, and built 4-rounds of prototypes over 18-months. A working proof-of-concept was built and helped us complete evaluations and testing of the initial design.