Luggage Designer

Shrine Wheeled Luggage

The Shrine is a lifestyle luggage brand based in San Francisco, CA. We create premium travel goods and accessories that provide one-of-a-kind function along with the highest quality materials. Most importantly, we take pride in producing creative travel bags that instantly become a must have. We produce our collections in limited runs and they are inspired by our development trips across the world. We’re not afraid to push the limits of style and function, join us on this journey.

Client: The Shrine
Date: 2017
Services: Luggage Design


Dedicated sneaker compartments.

Keep your valuable kicks protected when you travel. Fits up to size 13 shoes. Carry-on our wheeled luggage case designed your modern lifestyle.


Never stop pushing.

The Shrine started with its initial product the Weekender Backpack. It was instantly a hit in the sneakerhead world. To continue offering premium travel solutions for our customers, we continue to push the envelope in new categories and styles.