Soft Goods Design Expert

Aether Backpack

In 2012 we connected with the founders of Aether Apparel and were hired to develop two new concepts for the outdoor market. We worked closely back and forth for nearly a year refining this urban/outdoor inspired backpack design that conformed to Aether’s design language.

Client: Aether Apparel
Date: 2011
Services: Backpack Design + Development


Urban + Outdoor.

The Aether team tasked us with creating a backpack that offered a sleek aesthetic with plenty of functional details. We played close attention to Aether’s design aesthetic which is very minimal void of branding and unnecessary styling.


Check twice, cut once.

Working efficiently with an overseas vendor is studioFAR’s speciality. Clear and concise CAD artwork helps minimize mistakes during the sample development process. We create mockups as needed to define the overall design before sending files to sample makers.