Soft Goods Design Expert

Umi Children’s Shoes

From 2007-2009, we worked with a small footwear design studio in Mill Valley named Laforma. Laforma worked with various women and children’s footwear brands across the US. We provided countless designs of pullovers and outsoles that made it to market over the next few years. *All designs were created while at Laforma

Client: Umi Shoes
Date: 2008
Services: Footwear Design


Every step your child takes is as important as their very first.

Specially designed with little feet in mind, we developed numerous shoe styles for maximum comfort and appeal.


Casual Footwear Design.

It doesn’t get any better than designing shoes for an awesome brand. We sweat every detail on these styles to create beautiful shoe concepts that met Umi’s brand values and design language.


Fernando has been working with me for almost two years on multiple design and development projects. He is extremely flexible, creative, has a very positive work ethic and is a pleasure to work with. Fernando understands project objectives and is able to execute designs which surpass expectation. I really enjoy working with him

Caroline de Baere Footwear and Accessories Industry Expert